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postheadericon Understanding the crucial elements of making a professional web site

The process starts with a meeting without any obligation on your part. We talk about the goals of your organization’s web strategy and give you a summary of the capabilities and functions of modern sites. We talk about your brand and your identity, including the logo, the visual theme and the tone of your site. We also talk about its content and navigation the information that the site seeks to communicate, the areas it addresses and its structure.

Concept and creation of the website

This is the stage where we register your new domain name in order to plant your flag on a corner of the web. We create the site respecting the different components of your brand and your identity (logo, color palette, fonts, images, etc.). Once approved, all elements of the site are encoded to achieve a faithful online representation of the site structure and navigation elements. Then the text and images are optimized and uploaded to the server. To get the best and the most professional services you can always opt for the LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

Improvement, approval and implementation of the environment

Throughout the design and creation stages, you have privileged access to the site to view the site online and approve the work done. Thus, we are able to quickly solve problems and accelerate the final phase leading to the online site. We can support the latest corrections of your content, or provide you with a content management system (CMS) that will allow you to do this work yourself. All your e mail passwords and other information are then communicated to you.

Putting the website online

Finally, on the date agreed in the specifications, your new website is put online with all its components, such as its social media part. We will have complete tests and will monitor your site very closely during its first days of existence. If you have decided to manage your content yourself, you will have followed a training course on the CMS of the site.

Website Design Steps

After six months (or earlier, if you wish), we will review the site together. This will be the time to review the statistics of visits to assess its operation the most (and least) pages consulted, the time spent by visitors, the source of traffic and any other area of ‚Äč‚Äčanalysis that we deem useful. From there, we will be able to decide whether to modify the site and optimize its performance, and in this case, the best approach to use and the activities to be implemented. These biannual reviews with AddedSense will continue for as long as you deem necessary.

Developing a Facebook strategy

Companies are increasingly exploiting services like Facebook. Indeed, most current organizations consider that they must absolutely be seen and heard on the social web. Social media platforms allow you to promote your business, track conversations about your brand, announce new initiatives, and increase your site traffic. An active presence on the social web can also improve your SEO. We offer a comprehensive service that will help you understand the social web, its benefits and how to make the most of it.

Need a business support on Facebook?

SEO Optimization   

The most frequently asked questions are SEO by search engines and ways to improve the visibility of a site. A good ranking depends on several factors, including the structure of the site, the market in which you operate, and the inbound and outbound links. AddedSense is a specialist in these issues and can give you tips on how to maximize your online visibility and effectively promote your site.

postheadericon Dealing with the fundamental phases of web site designing

These are the fundamental phases in the design of a website , depending on the project (an account is a showcase site, an account an e commerce) can increase or be subdivided in turn into sub phases of web design, but these always remain the nodal points of a good design at the start of a web project.

Meeting with the client for the definition of the specific objectives of the website (targets set on the specific target to which the company is addressed) and the resources that are put in place for the realization of the objectives themselves. This is one of the most important moments in website design. To get the best professional services you must opt for LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

Definition of a web pre planning document, based on the objectives

Discussion of the pre planning document with the client so as to understand if all the preliminary aspects have been examined and Web design document in which to decide the best solutions and architecture to give to the web project (CMS choice, architecture, necessary contents, social channels etc.) and the most precise definition of the resources in the field

A wireframe is not yet a graphic project

The spaces and boxes of the project are decided for Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone. It is fundamental that the design of the website follows the rules of responsive web design. Once the Wireframe has been approved, the first “graphic mockup” to be refined (as for the wireframe, the project must take into account that the website must be used on all devices PCs, tablets, mobile phones). Realization of a real mockup in which (unlike the wireframe) is also included some simple graphic elements (for example the company logo)

Possible modifications and realization of a graphic sketch (the web project begins to come to life) Prototyping of the navigation scheme so as to define the necessary tests to understand if the prototype reflects the design objectives

Function debugging and testing

Data entry and insertion of the contents after training of the staff that will be behind the insertions on the CMS whether it is an open platform (such as word press) or whether it is a proprietary platform. Read also word press or custom CMS?

Online website mass

Realization of a post project document in which to insert some fundamental elements of the design  colors used, definition of the architecture, password, elements that can be used if the web project grows. This document also helps to improve and increase visibility on the internet. At this point all the stages of web marketing and visibility of the web project will start